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Acne Treatment Reviews

Overall Rating:4 out of 5 stars.
"i love this stuff--i dont know what i would do if it was discontinued. it exfoliates my skin like nothing else. and it's anti-aging! great product and it keeps my skin smooth and fantastic. it works"... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:4 out of 5 stars.
"This product works very well with pimples. It dries out pimples very fast. HOWEVER, it also dries out your skin, if you try to balance your oily area. So, my recommendation is only use it for"... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:4 out of 5 stars.
"I was so excited to purchase this due to the 5 star reviews and I also purchased this at full price and I hate it. Use it before bed? But my face is all sticky so it just rubs off on the pillowcase??"... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:4 out of 5 stars.
"In Europe this cream is advertised as a product for ladies age 30+ who still have acne problems. That was the reason i decided to try it on my oily skin. I used to always get a pimple around my period"... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:4 out of 5 stars.
"It doesn't work on me. I have been using for a week now, still don't see any differences on my face."... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:4 out of 5 stars.
"I bought this because I don't get major acne but the occasional pimple here and there. I was debating between this and purchasing the mario badescu drying lotion elswhere and decided to try Juice"... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:4 out of 5 stars.
"Great product! Only thing is that usually, for me anyway, I like to layer my acne with a variety of blemish fighters. When using this, your skin MUST have nothing on it whatever. Even some toners"... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:4 out of 5 stars.
"this 3 step acne treatment really works i noticed very good results with just one week of using this product on my face and chest i feel like theirs hope now. Its a bit pricey but definitely worth a"... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:4 out of 5 stars.
"Been using this on my nose and area right next to nose for about a month - only in the morning. Hard to believe but my pores do look smaller. I have nice skin but the pores on my nose have always been"... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:4 out of 5 stars.
"Overall like the Phytomer line. It is gentle and does seem to be effective on blemishes."... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:3.8 out of 5 stars.
"This turned my skin red and dry, but I'm assuming I'm just sensitive, it might have worked well otherwise. I'm wondering if it is supposed to be so runny, or more of a gel or cream, mine is just like"... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:3.5 out of 5 stars.
"This didn't help at all. I only have few pimples on the forehead. I used 2 weeks but see no results."... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:3.4 out of 5 stars.
"This is a must to add to oily to combination skin care regimen. Pores are noticeably smaller in just 2 to 3 uses."... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:3.3 out of 5 stars.
"This product did absolutely nothing for me. Very gentle and easy to apply, but in the end, it did not seem to reduce any of the problems I had... Perhaps it will be more useful for those with milder"... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:3 out of 5 stars.
"I'm 46 years old and still breakout. I use other Dr Gross products so I thought I would give this a try. When I apply this product it stings my face. I normally don't have sensitive skin. I haven't"... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:2.3 out of 5 stars.
"i had light acne before using this, only to find out it made it worse after using it. i grew little white heads along with the new pimples. i stopped wearing makeup for the sake of my acne but that"... (read full reviews)
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