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Customer Reviews for Colorescience Pressed Mineral Foundation - California Girl

Colorescience Pressed Mineral Foundation - California Girl

A medium-warm golden pressed powder foundation.
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Colorescience Pressed Mineral Foundation - California Girl Reviews
Colorescience Pressed Mineral Foundation - California Girl Review #1
El Paso, TX
Pros: blends well, good consistency, good coverage, long lasting, super great coverage!!!
5 out of 5
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5 out of 5
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
5 out of 5
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5 out of 5
Age Group:35-44
Hair Color:black
Skin Tone:tan
Eye Color:deep brown


-March 6, 2010
this covered all my hated freckles all day! i was sooo impressed with coverage, i must have to say i have tried soooo many mineral makeups, and after still cleaning the mess of those that are of the loose kind, this powder beats them all by a long shot! goodbye BE!!
Colorescience Pressed Mineral Foundation - California Girl Review #2
5 out of 5
Overall Rating 
5 out of 5

The Good Stuff

-April 6, 2008
This line is very nice and beautifully packaged...nicer than Bare Escentials...incredible amounts of sun protection...I would also like to respond to the long-winded comment heretofore...I have had some allergic reactions to some very popular products on skinstore...One never knows what will cause problems...We take our chances. It is more of a concern with loose mineral make-ups and powders that we should be careful not to inhale them! The minerals listed in these products are not toxic to the skin as far as the regulations are concerned...however, there are some sites on-line that rate all make-up products including all the mineral products! Anyway, the Colorescience products are gorgeous and pretty and have goddess potential!
Colorescience Pressed Mineral Foundation - California Girl Review #3
1 out of 5
Overall Rating 
1 out of 5

Broke out! Any advice out there?

-March 2, 2008
As a model and Make up artist for over 7 years in the Hollywood area, I was not impressed by Bare Essentials. Not pure ingredients as stated, therefore, when I came across ColorScience and found out that the founder of mineral make up, had left bare essentials to return to producing a quality, completely pure line, I was so enthused. I used the powder w/brush "california girl" and "invisible matte" primer/finishing powder for oily skin. It was wonderful, and an easy way to "run out of the house" on errand days. After years of dermatologist office appointments to rid cystic acne with rosacea, I felt that I should try ColorSciences best selling product, Line Tamer. It noted, "It is recommended for all types of redness issues such as rosacea and acne. " Great! Actually HORRIBLE! My skin broke out so feverishly after two uses that I had to cancel a photoshoot. I had already turned my girlfriends, model peers, dermatologist and esithitician's office onto swapping out Jane Iredelle for colorscience, then I tried speaking with their customer service team. (not skinstore, but ColorScience). A very young girl answered, and asked me to look at the ingredients and let her know precisely which ingredient I was allergic to? I said, that this was more of the reason I was calling them, for if the make up was pure "enough to sleep in", what would be causing such bad breakouts, acne like, when I thought I had my acne under control. She said "Ma'am, I am not a scientist, I don't know your skin?" I simply then asked to talk to a supervisor. She, (I think her name was Ashley) said "well if you think someone else can help you better". I told her that I simply did not have time to have my dermatologist test every ingredient in Line Tamer to tell them which ingredient I am reacting to! (duh...sorry!) The supervisor was not much help either. I asked her if the main ingredient was from a silicone derivative or if the product was in some silicone base? I did not know what the Dimithecone sp? first ingredient was, I figured some sort of base ingredient. She also had no idea. She must have said twelve times that the whole line is "non comedogenic" and "suited for all skin types". Obviously not mine! I told her that the pressed powders were also noted for oily skin, but had carrot oils and other essential oils that would make me and most other cystic acne and rosacea/sensitive skin people no fair so well with the pressed powders. She said that I should just send the products back. I told her it was a shame, and that I wished they could contact the founder of ColorScience for I was trying to really give them a chance and voice in the industry. As the founder of mineral make up, I felt they deserved more space in the market. But as a misfortune, after hearing that I must be allergic to the "goat hair bristles" on my "invisible matte" and "california girl" lose powders w/brush, I finally had to end the conversation by saying, "I told you, I love those products and they seem to be the only, oil free, pure products that work for me! I don't know if you are not listening or not knowledgable of the product line." (No offense, I told them they were kind, and tried to help?) In all, there are so many Mineral make up lines now, even cosmetic lines of boutique fashion houses are coming out with thier own spins on this new "trend" or make up movement. My last question was that, from studying nutrition, too much minerals cause toxicity in the body. The skin is our largest "organ" for absorbtion. Again, they did not know or have an answer. I would love to hear results other people have had, maybe a comment from the founder, or you gorgeous scientists out there that may explain why the loose powders with the lamb bristles were fine, and the other pressed and line tamer products had too many oils or silicone or??? And can a person get too many minerals? Also, what is the differnce between removing "heavy metals" from the skin from the water we use, and using zinc, coppe
Colorescience Pressed Mineral Foundation - California Girl Review #4
5 out of 5
Overall Rating 
5 out of 5

Married to colorescience!

-February 3, 2008
Everything i have tried from colorescience has been the best thing i could put onto my face, and there were no dissapointments here, i can apply it with a make up pad, or a brush and use it any where, it is very compacted and a little bit goes along way. A light brushing over is all i need for the entire day. Out of everything i use and buy from skinstore, without a doubt colorescience is my favorite, and excellent value for money. Thank-you skinstore and colorescience.
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